Parasoft support for [[fallthrough]]

george_vlasovgeorge_vlasov Posts: 3

Does Parasoft Static Analysis support
standard [[fallthrough]] attribute or gcc attribute((fallthrough))? If not, are there plans to support them?

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  • george_vlasovgeorge_vlasov Posts: 3
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    It's not that any rules are noisy, but rather we are going to switch to C++17 standard and will be using [[fallthrough]] attribute instead of the comment, and we need C++Test to support it, specifically rule CODSTA-56-3 is gonna fail without such support:

    All 'case' and 'default' labels of 'switch' statement should have an explicit 'break' or a 'return'
    statement, or 'fall through' comment [CODSTA-56-3]
    All 'case' and 'default' labels of 'switch' statement should have:

    • an explicit unconditional 'break' or a 'return' statement or
    • at the end a 'fall through' comment containing "fall through" phrase
      (checked case insensitive).
  • MirekMirek Posts: 102 ✭✭

    we will look into this specific rule. I will let you know soon.

  • george_vlasovgeorge_vlasov Posts: 3

    Thank you!

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