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Briefly, I want to learn RuleWizard to create my rules via RuleWizard for Static Analysis in C/C++Test. But I have an issue about it. For example, I want to check a case which is given in below.

void Trial(INT32U x){ //violation ( bracket should be put in new line not after the function)

void Trial(INT32U x) //correct

As far as I checked, I need to use python script for this.(Some added rules use script for functions)

My questions are :

  1. How can I create a rule to check this example could you give me a hint for this?
  2. If I need to use python, how can i find explanatory examples?
  3. If I can create this rule with shematics, could you guide me how I can understand meaning of these scheme etc.?


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    You need to create cross rule. It should start from C/C++ rule that looks for functions and fires C++Text rule in python method (see existing rule i.e FORMAT-30 <- you can duplicate this rule and modify it). In C++text rule you can detect if an opening brace '{' is used correctly. The API for python is described in Rule Wizard documentation: Help->Documentation->C++test API for Python Scripting. Other examples of rules are in Help->Documentation->Tutorials->RuleWizard for C and C++

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