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work-flow affected by a downsized feature (5.4.1 vs. 5.3)

jvilcu13 Posts: 12

The DTP 5.4.1 web view Reports Center >>
widget does not carry meaningful information <=> no longer able to acknowledge which exact report is being processed (uploading/pocessed/failed) due to the fact:

  • the report name does not carry the corresponding tooltip (as before, with 5.3) that could expand and present the entire report instance name
  • its referenced information cannot be downloaded on demand (basically it’s not an active hyperlink anymore)


  • JeehongMin
    JeehongMin Posts: 33 ✭✭

    In DTP 5.4.0, the Data Collector widget as well as underlying API (/grs/api/dc/reportFiles) were revamped to provide much faster performance as well as additional capabilities. For example, the user can specify a project in the Data Collector widget and see only reports uploaded for that project. Also, the underlying API /dc/reportFiles was vastly expanded to provide users with much more information about the reports as well as processing times (see API documentation page).

    In the process of the revamp, one tradeoff was made to remove the active hyperlink. Providing the hyperlink was one of the performance killers and for the sake of performance, active hyperlinks was removed. The removal of the tooltip was more of an oversight and it will be added back in 5.4.2.

    May I ask - for what use case were you using the hyperlinks to download a XML report?

    Depending on your use case, another diagnostic widget that you might find useful is the Diagnostics -> Recent Builds widget. This allows you to drill into the Build Audit Report for a given build, then download the XML file.

  • jvilcu13
    jvilcu13 Posts: 12

    Thanks for you reply. I am trying to be brief for now => the capability I lost with this upgrade is the (visual) ability to distinguish in between data-collector entries. In case something fails I am no longer able to conclude just by looking at this widget (picture "dtp541DataCollectorDiags_Capture2.png" attached, highlighted content looks quite ... boring when the host-name takes a lot of character-space).
    I haven't tried the "Recent Build" widget but I would need some tool that (way to) collects and posts information regarding the report real time upload STATUS.

  • JeehongMin
    JeehongMin Posts: 33 ✭✭

    It sounds like you want to do quick diagnostics on uploaded reports that fail, i.e., whose status is "Error." That makes a lot of sense. Thank you for this feedback. We will try to incorporate this feedback to improve the widget.

  • Marion Levy
    Marion Levy Posts: 9 admin
    edited March 2019

    In response to this post, we have implemented some improvements to this widget, which will be available in our next release of DTP 5.4.2 (Q2) and contains the following:

    Tooltip has been added to the report file name

    A new status dropdown has been introduced to help filter out results of interest

    A new report with additional diagnostic info has been added that can be drilled-down into by clicking on the report's status