Reporting Static Analysis Result to DTP

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I use Parasoft which is pluged in with Visual Studio 2013. I enabled DTP. I run static analysis via Parasoft then I obtained the attached image. The image says that I should enable reporting result to DTP via Preference tab but I did it. I want to show static analysis result on Dashboard on DTP. How can I transfer Parasoft which is pluged with VS static analysis result to DTP dashboard.

And when I click Parasoft->Preference-> License tab I realized that Unable to read setting from dtp. But I enabled DTP shown like DTP_Enabled image. Related images added this discussion.


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    Hello @fatmanur61 ,

    Please see at the license configuration pane, the panel says "License OK" and presents which features are licensed.
    One of the features is "DTP Publish" and it is greyed out with "(N/A)" suffix - which means that the license which you have does not allow publishing results to DTP.

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    @Janusz thank for your answer. I checked "DTP Publish" feature and I noticed that this feature is not valid. I will concact with Parasoft distributor of my county. Because we want to this feature is valid. Thank you for your support.

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    @Janusz now my 'Dtp Publish' is available at lisence tab . I run static analysis again but ı don `t know, how can I publish my static analysis result to dtp. When I connect to dtp. I can not see anything which is reported. And I want to publish my static analysis rules to Dtp which are created by me. How can I do this issue as well?

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    Hello @fatmanur61,
    I am wondering have you been following user manual i.e.: ?

    If yes, what is are output messes during analysis?

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