How to Encrypt the password in SOA test Tool

Hi All,
I want to encrypt the password and that password should be pasted in the Excel sheet (Passing the input data from excel sheet).
1. When I am passing my password directly it was visible in the traffic viewer request .
2. we are having the option to mask the password in the Environment , but when we run that service we are able to view our original password in the traffic viewer request .
3. The original password should not be get viewed like that ,I want to pass the test data from Excel sheet there I cant give my original password and in the traffic I should not get that original password, is there any option how we can encrypt and decrypt the password in the SOA Test Tool



  • jakubiakjakubiak Posts: 684 admin

    Unfortunately there is no way to completely hide the value. The Traffic Viewer shows what goes across the wire so you see the value there even if it is masked in the environment variable.

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