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fatmanur61fatmanur61 Posts: 82

I use Netbeans 8.2. I pluged in Netbeans with Parasoft and JTest. After plug in process Parasoft appeared on Tollbar but When I click Parasoft -> Show View I can not show test assistant option. Why this case occur? I can not add new test case etc. Because test assistant is not valid


  • bmcglaubmcglau Posts: 14

    The Unit Test Assistant feature of Jtest is currently only supported in Eclipse and IntelliJ IDEs. Please refer to our documentation here: Unit Testing Overview

  • fatmanur61fatmanur61 Posts: 82

    bmcglau thanks for your answer. I want to ask about unit test generation and execution with parasoft for netbeans ide. How can we do these operation for netbeans ide. Because test assistant is not valid. I use Intellij and I create tests for intellij via tert assistant.

  • bmcglaubmcglau Posts: 14

    As I said, Unit Test Assistant is only enabled in Jtest for IntelliJ or Eclipse. Jtest cannot currently generate tests within Netbeans. However, tests generated by Unit Test Assistant in either Eclipse or IntelliJ are normal Junit tests, and can be run in any IDE or runner (such as Maven or Gradle) - you don't need Jtest to run generated tests.

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