How to read the rows in the Excel sheet in run time

Hi All,
I am trying to read the data from excel sheet .
1. I am adding the properties in one row and values in the another row, this scenario is working as expected
2. I need to run other test case data with the same properties of row 1 and test date is in the row 3
3. How can we configure in the tool , means my scenario is for example we are having 10 test cases to run at that time I am adding the test data in the Excel sheet for 10 rows means each row is specified with one test case data , in the run time I need to execute the test cases one by one from Excel sheet .

can any one please help me in that how can we configure this scenario



  • jakubiakjakubiak Posts: 684 admin

    SOAtest will automatically execute the scenario 10 times, once for each row. If instead you want to only run a single row at a time, then you need to specify which row to run in the data source settings before each run.

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