Groovy script fails when context.getValue is used on response captured via JSON Data Bank

MitraMitra Posts: 2


In Parasoft SOATest 9.10., I captured the whole response of a RESTful API call in a variable called "responseBody", in JSON DataBank.

Then I tried using the following statement in my Groovy script (inside Response Traffic -> Extension Tool) and I am getting an error:
def responseBody = context.getValue("Generated data Source", "responseBody");

However, when I copy-paste the API response from the literal tab of JSON Data Bank and set the response body to the copy-pasted string response (after escaping quotes everywhere and enclosing the response within double quotes), I get no errors and my test passes.

Why is this happening and what do I need to do differently in order to make my test grab the API responses dynamically and pass? (The copy-pasted way is not dynamic and won't work for me, even though it is passing).



  • MitraMitra Posts: 2

    As soon as I posted the question, I found out the answer. :) It was happening due to the 'd' being in lowercase instead of being in uppercase in context.getValue("Generated data Source", "responseBody");


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