CTP Excel DataSource Parameterization

UK_UK_ Posts: 22

Using Excel Data source, we parameterized the API request headers & request payload in SOAtest desktop application and its working fine as expected, but when we upload the same scripts in CTP web portal Excel Data source parameterization is not working.
Note: I have uploaded the excel data sheet in CTP & mapped the respective fields.


  • Matt LoveMatt Love Posts: 48 admin

    Hi @UK_

    Here is a checklist for using Excel Data sources in CTP API Testing for parameterized request headers and payload.

    1. Make sure that your Excel Data source is configured correctly inside the Test Scenario from within CTP. It should show column data when you select it.

    2. Make sure the REST Client in your Test Scenario has the Excel Data source selected.

    3. Start typing ${ in the REST Client request header value or request payload section. You should see a pop-up with Data Source Column choices for autocompletion.

    Best regards,

  • UK_UK_ Posts: 22

    I did the same steps and was able to create the request. However, on running CTP is not picking up the parameterized values from excel and returning blank tags in the request.

  • Matt LoveMatt Love Posts: 48 admin

    I suggest that you contact Parasoft Support to help find out why your Excel data source is not picked up at runtime.

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