Space is converted to characters in REST URL

tapan1986tapan1986 Posts: 27
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When I am Passing this value Real Estate Test from Excel Data source to Rest URL it converts space as below.




  • NHawkNHawk Posts: 9 admin

    This is expected. Special characters used in a REST URL in SOAtest will be URL encoded.

    %20 is the URL code for space.

    Below is a site that you can see what codes different special characters will be converted to:

    Just to double check though, this isn't causing this test to fail, is it?

  • tapan1986tapan1986 Posts: 27

    Test is not failed but result validation though scripts failing as its a string comparison.

  • jakubiakjakubiak Posts: 696 admin

    Before performing the string comparison you could use a script to URL encode or decode one of the strings.

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