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Jtest 10.4.2 Milestone 1 Build Now Available

kbhandari Posts: 30 admin

The Milestone 1 Build of Jtest 10.4.2 is now available via the customer portal. This gives our users an opportunity to access new product functionality early. The items listed below have been added to this build:

• Advanced debugging, recommendations and quick-fix action for NullPointerExceptions that occur from a test case run.
• Recommendation and quick-fix action to mark exceptions thrown from test case run as expected.
• Recognize expected exceptions as assertions.
• During test generation, Jtest automatically adds an object into the collection that Jtest instantiates. If mocking is enabled then adds a mocked object, if not then adds an instantiated object.
• During Bulk creation, Jtest initializes any inaccessible field that does not have a known setter method, regardless of whether the class is a Spring class or not. Only initialize fields that are accessed in the method under test.
• Jtest now gives the user the ability to generate both regular and Spring tests for a Spring class.

• Support for the following Spring Component Types:

  • Controller
  • Service
  • Component
  • Repository
  • RestController

• New rules and mappings added for OWASP top 10 support
• New rules and mappings added for CWE top 25 support

• Support for Eclipse 2018-09 (v4.9)
• Support for Eclipse 2018-12 (v4.10)