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How to send asynchronous requests using SOAtest & Virtualize 9.10.6 Community Edition

Gleesha Posts: 2
edited January 2019 in Virtualize

Hi All,

I need to implement below scenario. Can anybody please help me with the information on how to do it?

Problem Statement - For an incoming request, first I need to send synchronous response which I am able to do successfully. Once the response is sent, I need to send asynchronous request to a different endpoint.

Software and Version - SOAtest & Virtualize 9.10.6 Community Edition

Constraint - Messaging Client and SOAP Client are both "Not licensed" in Community Edition. PFB screenshot.


  • williammccusker
    williammccusker Posts: 540 ✭✭✭

    Those tools are not part of community edition you will need a paid license to be able to use those tools.

  • Gleesha
    Gleesha Posts: 2

    Is there any other alternative to implement asynchronous requests??

  • Not in the Community Edition - this is fully supported in the paid version of Virtualize - please PM me your geographic region and I'll have someone from the sales team contact you