Test-Case Execution

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Hi @Bogdan Czwartkowski @Mirek ,
Currently i am working on the ADSP_sc584 ez board. i am able to generate the test cases .but when i am running the test-cases i am getting error which i have attached in this discussion.
i've created custom compiler and my base compiler is : Analog Device C/C++ compiler 7.0 for SHARC .
compiler name: cc21k
Parasoft version: 10.4.1.
So,if you know solution then please help me out.

this is my source code which is generated automatically.


  • MirekMirek Posts: 127 ✭✭✭

    Hi @raj,

    Unfortunately, it seems there is no quick/easy workaround for this problem. C/C++test parser does not support this construct (extern "asm"). I will discuss this with the team and see if there are any non-standard hacks available.

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