Loadtest Scenario

reactancexlreactancexl Posts: 147

I would like to run my loadtest from my laptop, calling services on another Virtual Machine. I would like to monitor the memory, cpu usage etc on the Vm I am calling. Is this possible? I would assume so as if I select "Windows Monitor"? I see there are types also, do I need addional jar files loaded? Also do I need Loadtest installed as a windows service on the VM in order to do this, if possible? thx



  • SergeiSergei Posts: 32

    Yes, you can use the Windows Monitor to gather statistics from a remote machine. The prerequisites for it are the same as for the Microsoft perfmon tool. You can find details on configuring perfmon to monitor a remote machine in the link below as well in other "serverfault" and Microsoft technet posts related to perfmon remote configuration:


    Once you are able to use perfmon to monitor a remote machine, the Load Test Windows monitor will work as well.

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