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I am trying to automate a webservice that requires cookies to be passed in the header for authentication. And we have a separate Logon webservice that returns the cookie. I am successfully able to get cookie from the logon webservice and store in a databank. But when I pass this value stored in databank to the other service, I get two cookies in the request header of the second webservice. And the response I get is 403 error which is authentication error.

Could someone tell me how 2 cookies are showing up in the request and how to instruct SOA Test tool to pick the appropriate cookie.

Thanks in Advance.


  • jakubiakjakubiak admin Posts: 539 admin

    SOAtest automatically handles cookies for you. If one web service call returns a cookie, SOAtest will capture it and then use it in all subsequent web service calls for which the cookie is valid. You are most likely seeing two cookies because you are seeing the one that SOAtest is automatically configuring as well as the one that you are manually configuring. Remove the one that you are manually configuring and you should only see a single cookie in the request.

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