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Hello every one,
i need one help while generating the report for static analysis.
i ran the static analysis with MISRA C 2012 safety standard compliance rule :-it reported 2025 violation.
while i have imported the .BDF file of same source code then i ran the static analysis then it reported 2030 violation.
i checked both test that 327 rule's enabled.
so why it's reporting some extra violation as compare to previous source code which directly imported from project directory .

if any one that difference then please let me know,

thanks in advance :)

@Mirek @Bogdan Czwartkowski



  • @prince ,
    It is hard to tell anything without seeing actual MISRA reports from both runs, w/o knowing project and its configuration, how the analysis was run , and what are the differences.

    Can you share details how exactly analysis was performed in both cases, development environment details, C++test version(s) and edition(s) used, and finally which 5 violations are different?

  • princeprince Posts: 11 ✭

    I will check, and let u know.
    Thanks for support sir😊😊

  • MirekMirek Posts: 124 ✭✭✭


    Is there any chance that some source files were modified between both runs? Maybe only header files?

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