Accessing Environment variables

CharanyasvCharanyasv Posts: 11

Hi all,

I am facing issue with accessing the variables defined in Environments.
Hard coded values are working as expected but when parameterised from Environment files, it throws error as unable to fetch values.

I am having a scenario where I need to pass the wsdl and endpoint URL to the test. The value is different for different environments (SIT, CIT etc). So I create multiple environment files named SIT, CIT... And store the values by creating variables there.
Eg: SIT env:
Wsdl xxxxxxx
Endpoint yyyyy

Eg: CIT env:
Wsdl. Aaaaaaa
Endpoint bbbbbbbb

I parameterised the value in the test by giving it as ${Wsdl} and ${Endpoint}

And I set the required environment file as active by clicking on 'Set as active environment' .

But when I pass it like this, it throws an error as unable to fetch value.

Please suggest what could be done to resolve it.
Hardcoding the values directly in the test works perfect but passing through variables creates conflict.


  • jakubiakjakubiak Posts: 739 admin

    The tool works as you describe, so I'm not sure what is going wrong for you. I would suggest reaching out to Parasoft support since there might be a simple configuration that you are missing somewhere.

  • CharanyasvCharanyasv Posts: 11

    Sure thanks. Except for Endpoint and WSDL values, all other parameters when passed through Environment files are working as expected. I will check with the support team on this. Thanks !

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