Remove out-of-scope Run Configurations from DTP database

jvilcu13jvilcu13 Posts: 11

What is the proper way of cleaning out the DTP's DB (5.3.3 in this case) from any old and no-longer referenced "Run Configurations"?


  • jvilcu13jvilcu13 Posts: 11

    Use case related to my above topic: working inside the test environment, removed some projects, all associated filters are gone as well => however, the entire set of those related Run Configurations are persistent and loaded up (shown) while trying to "Add Test Configuration" for a brand new "Filter" within a brand new "Project"

  • JeehongMinJeehongMin Posts: 26 ✭✭
    edited December 2018

    Currently, there isn't a way to clear out no longer referenced Run Configurations. We have seen this request from other customers and have put this request on our roadmap. In the meantime, the only thing we can suggest is to use the Search bar in Add Run Configuration dialog.

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