Parasoft DTP Engine Compatibility

CodyJacksonCodyJackson Posts: 5

Does the Parasoft DTP Engine (version 10.3.0) work with DTP (version 5.4.1)? We are looking to upgrade to the latest Parasoft DTP version, but want to make sure we have all items accounted for.


  • JanuszJanusz Posts: 16

    Hi @CodyJackson,
    Parasoft DTP Engine version 10.3.0 and DTP version 5.4.1 are not fully compatible.
    (sending the report from Engine CLI to DTP would probably work but other pieces of functionality like getting any data from DTP to Engine will not work)

    It is recommended to upgrade DTP Engine to version version 10.4.x.

  • Andrey MadanAndrey Madan Posts: 377 ✭✭✭

    @CodyJackson - is there a reason you cannot upgrade both ? If yes, let's talk next week.

  • CodyJacksonCodyJackson Posts: 5

    @Andrey Madan - The version of DTP Engine available from the marketplace is version 10.3.0. Is DTP Engine provided in some other place now or is version 10.4.X just not available yet?

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