SOAtest run as a project or tst file

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Is there a way for Soa test to determine whether you are running it as a project folder that includes all. .tst file or a single .tst file. The reason for asking this is that I would like to set a common value that will exist on all .tst file if it’s run as on project folder and a different value set when it run on a .tst file.


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    There is no way for you to interrogate SOAtest to distinguish between the two cases. But you could do something like pass a system property on the command line that you set to different values depending on whether you are running a single .tst or a folder of .tst files - and then you could add a script within your .tst files to read the value of the system property and do something like set a SOAtest test variable.

  • jngojngojngojngo Posts: 35

    Can you point me to the right direction. As I couldn't see the system properties in the soatestcli command line usage.

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