correlate between SOA request datasource with Virtualize

jngojngojngojngo Posts: 46

I am new to virtualize and trying to think if this is possible. Here's my scenario.
SOA Request (utilizing datasource) --> send to a blackbox. --> the black box will send it to virtualize where we will validate the request and validate the fields from the datasource being utilize by SOA Request. If this is possible, how do I correlate the datasource between the SOAtest and Virtualize.


  • keegan_chankeegan_chan Posts: 59 ✭✭

    If your SOAtest and Virtualize server are on the same machine, they can use the same file as the data source (for CSV, Excel, etc).
    From what you described as the goal, you can also do the validation on the SOAtest side, by having it invoke a Virtual Asset that echoes the request and validate the response is what you expect.

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