Unable to specify cpp sln to run Parasoft test on command line

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Hi all,

I tried to run parasoft test on command line with the following commands but failed to do so, can anyone advice me on this?

cpptestcli -solution "C:\XXX\XXX.sln" -config "C:\XXX\XXX.properties"

it returns >> Option -solution is not supported. Use -data instead

And how do I use -data command? I try to use -data and point to the path directory (ie -data "C:\XXX"), and it is able to run parasoft test however the report did not generate any findings, so I think it did not run correctly.

Pardon for all these simple things I am unsure of because I am still very new to this software.


  • Hi @rerrer ,

    C/C++test installer on Windows is provided as standalone version based on Eclipse, or as a plugin into Microsoft Visual Studio. Most likely you are using the former. Eclipse based version does not have -solution option, and the -data option is Eclipse-specific to provide workspace location.

    I would advise to download C/C++test Visual Studio plugin installer. This will install as an add-on in your Visual Studio, which allows for much easier integration with the IDE. The VS plugins' command line interface provides -solution option.

  • rerrerrerrer Posts: 9

    Hi @Bogdan Czwartkowski

    Thanks for your help. It is working now!

  • @rerrer ,
    You are very welcome! :)

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