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Loadtest is sending only even row from the data set to the server or mq

brawal Posts: 26

I have configured the soatest with the messaging client to send message request to the queue, however, soatest send the data (file contents) to the mq all the rows where as loadtest sends the even rows from the data source. Please provide me your input if you guys face the similar issues.

Parasoft version 9.6



  • Sergei
    Sergei Posts: 34

    I tried a simple Messaging Client test parameterized with a Table data source and then the same test parameterized with a File data source. Both cases iterate through all rows in Load Test - you can see data source name and row used for each hit in the Individual Hits table of the Detailed Report section. I would recommend that you contact Parasoft technical support as we'll need your SOAtest and Load Test project configuration details to try to reproduce what you've observed. Also if you are using 9.6 it is a very old version. The current SOAtest/Load Test release is 9.10.6 and this is what I used.