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Publish Parasoft analysis results

jvilcu13 Posts: 12

Is it possible to publish/centralize the project's analysis report(s) onto the corresponding pre-defined project space @DTP server POST running a "cpptestcli" from a Linux build environment?


  • MichaelC
    MichaelC Posts: 28 admin
    edited May 2019

    Hello @jvilcu13,

    It is possible to publish reports to DTP without running a cpptestcli run. You will need to know the location of the report.xml from the run that you would like to publish to DTP. This is normally generated within the Project Directory unless otherwise specified in the Report Settings.

    There are two ways that you can publish report.xml to DTP without running analysis. You will need to have the appropriate DTP administrations before attempting either of these steps and ensure that Data Collector is running.
    1. Upload the report.xml file to the Data Collector Upload page.
    2. Run a curl command to publish the report.xml file to DTP.

    To get the Data Collector Upload Page, you will need to be on the Report Center homepage and click on the cog icon at the top left and Select "Report Center Administration." This will redirect to the Report Center Administration. From here, click on the down-arrow next to "Tools" and select Data Collector Upload Form.

    The url is similar to http://localhost:8082/form

    Once you're on the Data Collector Upload page, click on Choose File and select the report.xml that you would like to publish to DTP. Select Upload for the report.xml to be published to DTP.

    For more information about using a cURL command to publish the report.xml to DTP refer to the following documentation:

    curl -k --user admin:admin -F file=@C:\Working\CAM\Calculator\Reports\report.xml https://localhost:8082/api/v2/dataCollector

    In addition, to publishing static analysis results stored within a report.xml you can also upload coverage from a previous run by using one of the processes above. Instead of using a report.xml you will need to use a coverage.xml file.