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rvmsengrvmseng Posts: 79
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Dear Parasoft team,

unfortunately "ScrollBy" and "ScrollTo" don't work in Soatest 9.10
would you please help me.


  • tonytony Posts: 18

    Hi rvmseng,

    Please note that the Scroll By and Scroll To can only scroll the entire window. They cannot scroll a sub-frame or a scrolling element (an element whose "overflow" is set to "scroll").

    Also, the Scroll By and Scroll To commands only work using the "Selenium WebDriver" playback engine. Otherwise SOAtest will report an error like "Unknown Command: scrollTo."

    If you are trying to scroll to an object in a frame or scrolling element, you can sometimes accomplish this by adding a command that clicks on the element that is out of view.

    Another way to scroll an element into view is by using the "Execute JavaScript" command and executing code like the following:

    function scrollIntoView(element) {

    The element locator for the element should indicate the element you want to scroll into view.

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