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Parasoft support for Oracle Java in 2019 and beyond

jakubiak Posts: 790 admin
edited November 8 in DTP

Beginning in January 2019, Oracle will no longer release updates to Java 8 for commercial use (see Some Parasoft products (SOAtest, Virtualize, C/C++test, and DTP) currently ship Oracle Java 8 as part of the installation. As of January 2019, those products will continue to ship a publicly available version of Oracle Java 8 released prior to January 2019 that is free for commercial use. When deemed appropriate, Parasoft may upgrade the version of Java shipped within its products to a different version of Java (for example Oracle Java 11 or OpenJDK) that is still free for commercial use. Parasoft is currently evaluating the changes in Oracle's support for Java and will adjust strategy as needed.