Upgrading existing PVA and data sets with a new traffic file

Hi There,

I created a PVA from a traffic file which resulted in 6 responders and 6 data sets. Now I have another traffic file of same kind for these 6 responders with more dataset records. How can I use this new traffic file and update/extend responder/data set of existing PVA?


  • VirtualUserVirtualUser Posts: 11

    hi ncrohith,
    are you trying to update the data in the data repository? You can create a new PVA using the new traffic file and use the same data repository as the original PVA. The "Data Reuse" step of the PVA creation wizard gives you options on how the new data is added to the existing repository.

  • ncrohithncrohith Posts: 4

    Right. But can I achieve this without creating a new PVA? What I would like to see is that any change in the request/response format is captured in the PVA from the new traffic file along with repository update.

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