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I have unix servers. For debugging purposes, I have to login into one servers and check for logs for each transaction. Is it possible to automate this task? Can I write a java\python program which will connect to the servers and read the log files.

We have multiple transaction id (around 100) for each soap client and need to check the transaction id is succeful or not?

The log is not updating in real time .Generally it is taking 5 to 6 hour for updation.

Any suggestions or ideas?


  • jakubiakjakubiak Posts: 664 admin

    I am not entirely clear on your use case. If I understand correctly, it sounds like you need to log into your server from the machine that SOAtest is running on, to verify that the server logs show the correct result after executing a SOAtest test case. Is this correct?

    If so, one way that people do this is to use the FTP Client from within SOAtest to connect to the machine and retrieve the files. Then you could write some Java code that gets executed from an Extension Tool that does the needed verification within the log files.

    The challenge that is that the logs don't update in real time. So in the scenarios that execute the SOAP Clients, you are probably going to need to store data (such as transaction ids) externally to SOAtest so that you can use it later. Then you need to run a second batch of tests after the logs update, using the mechanism with the FTP Clients and Extension Tools that I mentioned above.

    It would be easier for you if you could do all validation in the same scenario as your SOAP Clients. Is there anything you can validate in the responses to the SOAP Clients that will do the appropriate checks? Or instead of reading the logs could you connect to a database to ensure the data is correct?

  • sachinsachin Posts: 10

    Thanks for your response

    As it is a passthrough service there is no database.We have to check transaction id for each soap client execution.

    My question is how i am going to verify multiple transaction id in server log in very less time. if you have jython code then please let me know for same.

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