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edited August 2018 in dotTEST

NOTE: The effects both dotTEST and C/C++test 10.3.x and 10.4.x

The lastest Visual Studio 2017 updates (version 15.8.x - first released August 14th and the two subsequent releases in two weeks since) introduces a defect into plugin API used by the Parasoft Visual Studio plugins. This defect results in the Parasoft plugins and their views not being visible in Visual Studio 2017 IDE.

Our Development Team is working on the problem right now as the highest priority and we will release an updated release as soon as we have the problem resolved.

There is no workaround for dotTEST 10.x at this time.

Please notify our support team if you are experiencing this problem and we will update this forum thread as we have more information.

Below are links to the Microsoft release notes for VS2017 15.8.x


  • UPDATE: The dev team have resolved the issue and we will have updated versions available on the customer portal by the end of this week.

  • gregw
    gregw Posts: 2

    We're blocked until we get this new version - is there an updated ETA on the expected availability for download?

  • Bogdan Czwartkowski
    Bogdan Czwartkowski Posts: 155 admin
    edited September 2018

    Hi @gregw,
    Updated 10.4.0 version was released on Friday. You can download it through our customer portal.
    Make sure to uninstall C/C++test or dotTEST first before installing the latest update.

  • gregw
    gregw Posts: 2

    I do have a suggestion for your release management - it would be useful if you could increment the release number both on the site and also the download file as it is really not obvious this is a later one. I now have two 'parasoft_dottest_10.4.0.exe' files (original from 30th Aug download, and today's) but apart from size, there is no differentiator, and none for me to be sure I am installing the right version.
    I've been monitoring the portal since last week, and if I had not raised the question here earlier this morning I would have had no idea that a new version was available. What's worse is I could have installed over the weekend or first thing this morning NZ time and not had further delays.

  • Thanks for the feedback Greg - we have reviewed your suggestion and will be taking this into account in future updates