JMS queue issue in Virtualize

meghana1meghana1 Posts: 29

We have configured right JMS queue in all the assets. We have deployed these assets in local virtual server. but when we start and execute the E2E flow the destination queue names are wrong in event viewer and in actual we have configured correct queue in all the asset.
Let us know the solution for this


  • Hi,
    Do you have multiple virtual assets listening on the same queue? Are the "wrong names" queues that are replies for other assets? Are you using the option for dynamic reply to queues?

  • meghana1meghana1 Posts: 29

    we have unique queue for the response for all assets. we are using form XML format for response in responder. yes though we have configured right queue in asset still while execution it taking wrong queues

  • Do you have a unique queue for each request?

  • meghana1meghana1 Posts: 29

    request queue is same for all services , but response queue is different

  • Thanks! What is happening is that since you have multiple virtual assets all listening to the same jms request queue which ever one picks up the message will determine the response queue.

    Can you use message selectors so that a virtual asset will only pick up the jms messages meant for it?

  • meghana1meghana1 Posts: 29

    yes we have responder correlation and each request has its own name space and pattern is also different. its taking correct asset and responder and sending response also to upstream but in event viewer we can see wrong queue has been used for sending response. though we have configured correct queue in asset on local server

  • meghana1meghana1 Posts: 29

    any where we can see logs or clear flush or remove add local server ?

  • The problem is that you have multiple assets listening to the same request queue but are configured with different response queues. The first asset to pick up the message will determine what response queue is used regardless of what responder the message matches to.

    Could you please contact support so that we can better help you configure your assets?

  • meghana1meghana1 Posts: 29

    how to contact support team ?

  • OmarROmarR Posts: 212 admin

    Hey meghanna1,
    You can contact our support team at [email protected] for further assistance.

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