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Insure++ 7.5.1 Release (WIndows 10 support)

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edited September 2018 in Product Announcements

Insure++ 7.5.1 has been released and is now available for download via the customer portal.

This release includes support for Windows 10, Fedora 26, Ubuntu 17 and Gentoo - as well as several parser updates and bug fixes (see release notes for details)

Support for MSVC++-10.0, (VS 2010) is deprecated and will no longer be supported when support for VS2017 is added in the next release (scheduled for end of September) - if you are interested in getting a beta release for VS2017 support, please email [email protected]

NOTE: Machine-ID generation has been updated to be consistent with other Parasoft products and there be different than prior releases. If you need an updated license, please contact [email protected].