Any support for Cypress?

jgriswoldjgriswold Posts: 2

I'm using a Cypress PSoC 4 - is there any support for this ARM-based family in C/C++test? I have it compiling under the Keil compiler (I thought that might make things easier) but I don't quite know where to start.


  • Andrey MadanAndrey Madan Posts: 331 ✭✭✭

    Hi jgiswold. What company do you work for?
    We support ARM compiler: both armcc and arm gnu cross compiler.
    Which version of Parasoft C/C++test are you using?

  • jgriswoldjgriswold Posts: 2

    Hi, again, Andrey. I'm running version 10.3 - I just haven't upgraded to 10.4 yet. I'm just trying to figure out how to give C++Test access to the files. There isn't any way to generate a workable batch file as I did for the ST boards I was using before.

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