Test execution: error linking test executable for Test unit for selected sources.

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I created a project in Eclipse 4.6(Neon) in ubuntu 16.04 with parasoft_eclipse_plugin. The test is generated successfully but i am not be able to run the test file because of the linking error. So, my question is how can i link a library that is defined outside of the project.


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    1. Can you build the code? Can you please execute Flow Analysis and see if that works?
    2. Please provide what is the compiler you are using to build the code.
    3. Provide the full console output. Click co console....
    4. Provide cpptestscan.bdf
      I want to verify that include paths are all setup correctly.
      Where is the MsgCenter type defined? Which include file? Where is it located?

    Most likely we just don't know path to the include file.


  • yes i build the Flow Analysis examples it running fine.
    this is my complier info
    /**********# Toolchain information

    CXX =cpptestscan $(TOOLCHAIN)g++
    CC =cpptestscan $(CXX)

    AS = $(TOOLCHAIN)as
    OBJCOPY = $(TOOLCHAIN)objcopy
    SIZE = $(TOOLCHAIN)size
    LD = $(TOOLCHAIN)ld

    Compiler flags

    CXXFLAGS = -m32 -std=c++0x
    CFLAGS = $(CXXFLAGS)**********/

    I know what is the problem actually I used the some function that is defined in some(Msgcenter.cpp/.hpp) that is stored in different location.

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