How run a test conditionally ?

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Hi dears,
I have a excel data source with multi columns and multi Rows, and in the SOA test i have some test (.tst) which each one included some test cases. I want to run .tst tests conditionally. it means for example check "Column A, Row 1" if value is "Yes" run whole A .tst test case, if value is "No" don't run it, for " Column A ,Row 2" likewise, and so on.

before "Datasource "on the "Testsuite "in "variables" i define a variable and bound it to a "column A" but it doesn't catch my purpose and value of the variable was default value which is defined in the variable( zero).

I would really appreciate if anyone faced with it and help me to cope with this issue.


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    I was able to create an excel datasource and bind a testsuite variable to a column in that datasource without any issues. Do you mind uploading an example tst so I can take a look at how you're setting up the variable and datasource.

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    The file scope calculation, where the tool determines which files to test or execute, can be configured based on a list of paths or patterns to match which files should or shouldn't be included. However, test suites (within tst files) can use a data source to control which child tests are executed. See "Variable Condition" from Configuring Test Suite Properties. In particular, you can define a variable of type "Data Source".

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