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Migrating Team Server Suppressions to DTP 5.4.0

brian_nuckles Posts: 32 admin
edited November 2023 in DTP

Suppressions enable you to mark static analysis violations as known (but acceptable in the particular instance) without modifying the source code. When a Parasoft tool connected to DTP finds a static analysis violation during code analysis, it checks either Team Server or DTP to see if the violation is supposed to be suppressed on the server. If the violation is marked for suppression, it is reported as such by the tool.

Suppression data reported by Parasoft 9.x tools is stored in Team Server (TCM), which is also where the tool checks for suppression markers. Parasoft tools 10.4.0 and newer store and check the data in DTP. If you are upgrading to Parasoft tools 10.4.0 or later, the suppression data will need to be migrated to the DTP database where it can be used by current and future implementations of Parasoft tools and Report Center.

You can use the TCM Suppression Tool to migrate legacy TCM suppression information to DTP. The TCM Suppression Tool and usage information in the form of README.txt can be found attached to this post.

Full documentation for the TCM Suppression Tool can be found online here: