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dotTest - Ignoring Auto-generated files

elch Posts: 95


Is it possible to ignore from a project files that are Auto-generated by other application.
I can suppress the files , but every new release I have new auto-generated files that are overriding old version.
Any suggestions ? Is it possible to ignore according to remarks on the auto-generated files.



Best Answers

  • Tobiasz
    Tobiasz Posts: 31 ✭✭
    edited June 2018 Answer ✓

    Hi @elch,

    dotTEST can skip *.Designer and autogenerated files (files which have <AutoGen> node defined in a project file). This can be done by specifying the setting:


    Also, you can define file filters in test configuration using DTP or Test Configuration Editor (released with dotTEST 10.4.0):

    If this is not an option, but you have control over how your files are generated, then you can generate area suppressions in your files or marking your files as autogenerated with some specific tags and then set up test configuration accordingly.

    As a last resort, you can define -exclude pattern in dottestcli.exe command line to explicitly exclude those files from analysis scope.


  • elch
    elch Posts: 95

    Hi @Tobiasz

    Thanks on The detailed answer.

    1. So in my understanding I have to add just node in my auto generated files according to the first solution.
    2. In your second solution you suggested to add tags, "specific tags" Can you please elaborate on that solution , do I need to add in my files ?

    Thanks In Advanced

  • elch
    elch Posts: 95
    edited June 2018

    Hi @Tobiasz

    My generated files , I do not have control on them, have a tag
    < auto-generated >
    Adding minus symbol , Is it possible to edit parasoft dottest.scope.exclude_autogen=true settings ?