Read .tst file using java.

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Team, I have .tst files, I want to read content of tst files in XML format.



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    This functionality is provided by Parasoft SOAtest/Virtualize Server which has an API for manipulating Parasoft assets. A Java-based client is available, which you can use from Maven-based java projects as follows:

    In your pom.xml, add the Maven repository:


    Add the following to the "dependencies" element:

      <version>9.10.5</version>  <!-- should match version of your SOAtest server -->

    The class enables you to connect to the Parasoft SOAtest Server and invoke various operations, including those for manipulating tst files.

    As an aside, the file format for Parasoft assets is "open" in the sense that it is XML based. The schema/structure of the XML is proprietary. You must use the API provided by the Parasoft SOAtest/Virtualize Server. Writing your own java code to parse or update the XML directly, outside of Server API calls, is not officially supported.

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    I have imported the jar file onto my build path, is there any documentation on how to use ParasoftApiRestClient class to manipulate tst files.

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    The java classes map 1-to-1 with the resources in the REST API. The methods in each class map 1-to-1 with the operations for that resource in the REST API. The same descriptions you see the API docs are the same descriptions you see in the javadocs for each class and method in the java API. The javadocs are published with the main jar (look here).

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