Trouble configuring Author Mapping XML file

sean_doughersean_dougher Posts: 3

I'm having trouble configuring the Authorship for a project.

I've made an authorship mapping xml file and edited the .properties file as described here

My xml map contains definitions for many authors across multiple files.
I generate a report, but in the report it only lists a single author, defaulted to source control.

I am using a script to run cpptestcli passing in the relevant ,properties file to the -setting option

I am unsure if there's a certain order things need to appear in the .properties file, or if I am missing something that would prevent it from giving me the desired authorship. The relevant properties that I have enabled are


Any help is appreciated,



  • sean_doughersean_dougher Posts: 3

    My mapping.xml file looks something like this, in case it's a problem with the mapping file itself.

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
    <!DOCTYPE authorship>
      <file author="Author 1" path="directory/**" />
      <file author="Author 1" path="**/subdirectory/**" />
      <file author="Author 2" path="**/subdirectory/**" />
      <file author="Author 3" path="directory/**" />
  • sean_doughersean_dougher Posts: 3

    Still having a lot of trouble with this.My reports are displaying a single author, being 'Unknown', and all violations are being attributed to them.

  • JeffEstesJeffEstes Posts: 105 admin

    Hi Sean, I'll send you information shortly

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