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Resolving Jtest UTA Trial Activation Error

kbhandari Posts: 30 admin
edited June 2018 in Jtest


When activating your Jtest UTA Trial, a connection is made to Parasoft's back-end license server. When the connection fails you will see the following error message:

"There was a problem communicating with the license server. Please try again later and contact Parasoft if you are still unable to redeem the license token."

This error can occur due to having a firewall or corporate proxy in place, resulting in a blocked connection.


  1. Ping “”. An unsuccessful ping test indicates that there may be a firewall blocking this connection. If so, you should consult with your IT department to allow network access for your Jtest UTA trial.

  2. Check your IE browser settings to verify if your machine is using a Proxy:
  • Open IE
  • Click the Tools button
  • Click on Internet Options
  • Click on the Connections Tab
  • Click on LAN settings

If so, try adding these same settings within your Eclipse IDE by going to:
Window>Preferences>General>Network Connections

In addition, the proxy settings may require authentication.

If you are using IntelliJ IDEA then go to:
File>Settings>Appearance & Behavior>System Settings>HTTP Proxy

Select the option for "Manual proxy configuration" and fill in the fields with your appropriate data. In addition, the proxy settings may require authentication.

If none of these steps resolve your license error or you continue to experience any unexpected behavior, please don’t hesitate to contact our Support team at [email protected] so that we may assist you with resolving this.