Unable to generate stubs

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I've integrated the Parasoft plugin into Atollic TrueSTUDIO - an eclipse-based IDE for developing ARM cortex devices.

I am attempting to generate unit tests and stubs as a file scope configuration, however it results in a lot of setup problems:

Test execution: error preparing instrumentation / symbols data for file.
"C:\Program Files (x86)\Parasoft\C++test for
          Eclipse\10.3\engine\runtime\include/cpptest_runtime_u.h", line 1221:
          error: identifier "sigjmp_buf" is undefined
   sigjmp_buf* cpptestGetJmpBuf(void);

"../../../Drivers/Generic/CMSIS/Include/cmsis_gcc.h", line 85: warning:
          variable "result" is used before its value is set

"../../../Drivers/ST/STM32L4xx/HAL_Driver/Inc/stm32l4xx_ll_adc.h", line 3026:
          warning: conversion from pointer to same-sized integral type
          (potential portability problem)
                              ((uint32_t)(&ADCx->OFR1) + (Offsety*4U)));

How can I go about fixing these?



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    Hi William,

    Can you please provide the full console log?
    Please clear the cache before (Project Properties->Parasoft->C/C++test->Other Settings->C/C++test temporary files>Clear?) and make sure console verbosity is set to high (Parasoft Menu->Preferences->Console select high) then re-run the test configuration that is reproducing the error. Once you have the error in the console please provide the content.

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    You might need to add
    -DCPPTEST_SETJMP_ENABLED=0 to the list of compiler settings. If you want to know how to add additional compiler and linker settings:

    If you want to study and find more details to how to build Runtime Lib and why the #define might matter - here is the doc


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