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Distributing Test Job Execution Across a Cluster of Servers

rvmseng Posts: 89
edited May 2018 in CTP

Hi everyone,

I read the article "Distributing Test Job Execution Across a Cluster of Servers" and I created a execution group based on article description, but unfortunately my batch execution only run on one of the node and another nodes remain "Idle" , please refer to following picture and assist me.


  • Matt Love
    Matt Love Posts: 93 admin

    The system assigns each batch job to one node in the execution group when it starts to run. If another job is executed while the first job is in progress it will be assigned to the idle node. If all of the nodes are busy the additional jobs will be placed in a queue. It was designed this way to best serve multiple concurrent users each with their own test jobs.

  • rvmseng
    rvmseng Posts: 89