cpptesttrace does not collect data.

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My build command, under Linux, . I would like to collect build info using cpptesttrace tool.
I am using eclipse CLI scriptable build from the command line.

The cpptesttrace recognized the project but does not collect the data, bdf was generated but with just few arg info.
Any suggestions.

Thanks In Advanced,

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    Regarding #3, I was asking about the compiler program name as you invoke it from the command line. So in your case it is indeed "icc" for C and "icpc" for C++.

    Intel compiler is not supported by C/C++test as of the current version (10.3.4). This is also why cpptesttrace does not capture icc or icpc comands into BDF - the compiler is not supported, so it is not included in cpptesttrace patterns of compiler names.

    The good news is that the next C/C++test version 10.4.0 will add support for Intel(R) C++ Compiler v 18.0 for static analysis only. C/C++test 10.4.0, release due most likely in July). So the best approach would be to to wait for the 10.4.0 release, when ICC will be supported in C/C++test for static analysis.

    Just to answer the original cpptesttrace question of BDF not being created:
    To trace compiler commands not included in cpptesttrace patterns by default, we could use cpptesttrace's --cpptesttraceTraceCommand option to specify compiler name patterns (run cpptesttrace's --cpptesttraceHelp to see the default patterns).
    For Intel ICC on Linux it would be (note single quotes around the option value):


    However, going back to ICC, even if we tell cpptesttrace to create BDF file based on icc/icpc, you would need to trick C/C++test into scanning the Intel ICC code with one of supported compiler configurations. Bear in mind, C/C++test may not be able to analyze the project, or the results would be inaccurate at best, because ICC compiler uses its own headers, intrinsics, and so on, for which we need dedicated compiler configuration.
    Therefore, again, I recommend waiting for 10.4.0 version.


  • Bogdan CzwartkowskiBogdan Czwartkowski Posts: 101 admin

    Hi @elch,

    1. Do you run clean build under cpptesttrace? There is -cleanBuild option to enforce rebuild, so that cpptesttrace can "see" all compilations.

    2. Which compiler and version are you using?

    3. What is the exact name of the compiler driver?
      If it is GCC-based, then it is likely something like arm-gnu-eabi-none-gcc/-g++

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    Hi, Thanks on the follow-up

    1. Yes I run -cleanBuild
    2. icc and icpc - Intel's.
    3. Where Do I check the name ?


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