cpptesttrace does not collect data.

elchelch Posts: 95

My build command, under Linux, . I would like to collect build info using cpptesttrace tool.
I am using eclipse CLI scriptable build from the command line.

The cpptesttrace recognized the project but does not collect the data, bdf was generated but with just few arg info.
Any suggestions.

Thanks In Advanced,

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  • Bogdan CzwartkowskiBogdan Czwartkowski admin Posts: 93 admin

    Hi @elch,

    1. Do you run clean build under cpptesttrace? There is -cleanBuild option to enforce rebuild, so that cpptesttrace can "see" all compilations.

    2. Which compiler and version are you using?

    3. What is the exact name of the compiler driver?
      If it is GCC-based, then it is likely something like arm-gnu-eabi-none-gcc/-g++

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