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Controlling Coverage information shown in the Coverage Explorer

Billy McMullin
Billy McMullin Posts: 64 admin
edited May 2018 in DTP

The following applies for DTP version 5.3.3.

By default, you can see the last two builds and any other build that has been archived in the Coverage Explorer.

If you would like to have more Build Ids to choose from to examine their coverage, there are two ways you can do this:

Recommended - Archive the build from the "Build Administration Widget"

  1. From your Dashboard, add the "Build Administration Widget" from the "Diagnostics" category if you don't already have the widget available on your Dashboard.

  2. Click on the "Build Administration Widget" to drill down into the widget.

  3. From here, click on the icon to archive the build.
  4. Once the build has been archived, it will be available to be viewed in the coverage explorer.

Not Recommended - Modify the "variables" file in the DTP installation directory

Note: This is a global settings file that affects every other filter and will increase the amount of total coverage data stored. We recommend archiving the build you want as opposed to modifying the "variables" file.

Steps for modifying the "variables" file:

  1. Go to the DTP installation directory and go into the "bin" directory from there.
  2. Stop the DTP Services if you have not already done this. Use the "" to stop the services.
  3. Open the "variables" in this directory with your favorite text editor

  4. Locate the line "JAVA_DC_CONFIG_ARGS" and add the property “”. For example:

  1. Start the DTP server. After publishing, you will see more builds with coverage information to choose from in the Coverage Explorer.

If you archive the build, the information will stay with DTP until it is unarchived. If you modify the "variables" file, this will show additional build Coverage information but once you publish over the threshold of builds and they are not archived, you will not see the build as a choice from the drop down in the coverage explorer.

If you did archive the build but you still don't see it in the Coverage Explorer, check to see if you have the coverage information associated with the build.