Appling C++Test unit tests to library projects using Code Composer 7 embedded

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I'm trying to generate unit tests for a code base that implements a library for an embedded application built for Code composer. Unlike the Parasoft Visual Studio version, the CCS 7 system doesn't seem to understand how to run the linker for the TI compiler on a 'project' that only creates an library archive.

Do I need to instrument the 'Parasoft build' properties to enable the linker -- if so is there an example available?

My current 'simplistic' solution is to generate a 'Unit Test' project that links the library code as an executable. I'm hoping there is a more elegant solution available.

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  • coinoperatedcoinoperated Posts: 18
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    Thanks for the quick response. I am going with a standalone unit test application as the target is also remote and configuring the jtag and loader for each library without CCS7 support would be problematic.

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