Using variable in Custom Correlation

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Hi dears,

I have below scenario, but it does not work correctly.

My Scenario :
1) I use a XML data bank for getting a value from incoming request
2) I use that value for correlation (in custom correlation )
but when I call it (variable) in Custom Correlation (scripting with java script), it return empty.

please refer to attached picture.


  • Thomas MooreThomas Moore Posts: 78 admin

    Hi rvmseng,

    You're really close! In your function, you should reference context.getValue("Generated Data Source", "msisdn").

    Without the first string in the getValue call, it will look for a responder suite variable instead of a databank.

    Hope this helps!

  • rvmsengrvmseng Posts: 79

    Dear Thomas,

    Thaks for you reply

    Exactly I want to use a responder suit variable and I dont want to use data bank columns

    When I call variable it return default value and dont return value of xml databank
    If you look at my scenario I use a xml data bank for getting value from incoming request

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