How add an extension tool that respond requests?

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Hi, is possible to me add a totally custom response, e.g pass the request to an extension script and let him to respond with a Json?
I'm very confuse about how do this, i try to add a script in the message responder -> response (tab) but on this i only can manipulate context on script created in that way.

I want to receive the input and return the response on the script, and i'm very confused about it, in documentation i can find how i make the script but i can't find where and how i create it.

Thanks if someone can help me

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    Good morning,

    Yes, it is certainly possible to script a custom response. However, what is it that you're trying to accomplish with scripting that you can't with the built-in tools? Perhaps we can propose a better solution :)

    Below is simple scripted responder that returns some JSON:

    Some additional references:

    Language Specific Tips
    Creating a Custom Script/Extension Tool
    Scripting Values Based on Incoming Requests

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    Thanks for the answer.
    We are trying to customize complex scenarios, atm we are trying to do a POC that can respond with mocks relatives to the input.

    This mocks we want to save in database in diferent tables to choose according to request data. If you have a sugestion for this case i'll be happy xD.

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    But about your example, doing how you did, i can only access the context object.
    In this state we can't access the request data in the script, how we want.

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    Hi Thomas, thank you so much for the answer.
    What i put in "column name" and "Generated Data Source" when i use text databank?

    context.getValue("Generated Data Source", "extracted column name")

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    In case this helps, see Accessing Data Sources from Scripts

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