Test Config Rename: Invalid file extensions being added

tnnrwy63tnnrwy63 Posts: 15


I am in a developer situation where I am implementing most of my unit tests via the command line tools while still using the IDE once in a while to use the eclipse-specific-features.

I am finding that when I open up the IDE after a while, my imported test configurations get renamed from XXX.properties to XXX.properties.invalid. Im still trying to narrow down exactly when it happens but it obviously prevents the test from being executed from then on.

Do you have any documentation or info related to this?


  • These tests work fine and are not too complicated
  • This contents are not affected. Just the name.
  • The tests will work before the rename happens
  • The tests work after I remove the '.invalid' extension from the file name




  • tnnrwy63tnnrwy63 Posts: 15

    Not sure if it is related but the project properties of my current project will disappear around the same time. Maybe its a workspace issue. I dont know...

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