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How to do Load test for end to end flow of API!? Need help


Hi all
I created .Tst project in soa test for rest services which include 10 steps deepening on each other. I used cl flow logic so if 8 execute first test case and it's passed then second will execute.. Ande rest all steps.

Now I want to put load testing on this .Tst. Ford there same i imported this .Tst in soa load and ran it but it just hitting first test suit and not all next ... Can anyone tell me how can we do Load testing on end to end flow of rest setvices


  • Sergei
    Sergei Posts: 34

    I understand that the tests in your .tst use flow logic to check success of the previously executed tests to decide whether or not to run the subsequent tests and you see that not all of the tests ran in load test. I would review if there were errors in the first part of the .tst project when it was run in the Load Test and if there were that would explain why the subsequent tests did not run. See Load Test docs how to find error details in a Load Test report.

    In general, I would recommend a gradual step by step approach when moving from a functional test to load tests. First run you load test with 1 virtual user (VU) and make sure it passes. Then gradually increase the number of VUs over a few load test runs until you reach the desired VU level. Address errors after each VU level increase if there is any. With this approach you will always have a successful load test run (with less VUs) that you can compare to the next run (with more VUs) and avoid a situation where a load test generates so many errors that you don’t know where to start from.