Error Precompiling File

becozlahbecozlah Posts: 9

Hi, I have a Eclipse C++ generated project which I want to use Parasoft C++ test to perform unit testing. However, I have linkage problem as C++ test is unable to find my files.

fatal error: Reactor.h: No such file or directory

If I go into my project's debug folder and run

make clean
make all

it builds perfectly with no linkage problems.

so how do I set the paths/symbols to my references?

My directoy:


How I invoke the cpptest command line:

/home/user/Documents/parasoft/cpptest-extension/9.5/cpptestcli \
-data "../" \
-import "HelloWorld" \
-config "" \
-report "Reports/HelloWorld/UnitTestReport.html" \
-resource "HelloWorld/"

thanks in advance.

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